I’ve given over thirty talks and workshops at conferences and grassroots meetups across Europe. My main topics are front-end development, especially emerging technologies, but have talked on diverse subjects including user experience, behavioural psychology, metaphors and comics — videos of many of my talks are linked below.

If you’d like me to come and give a talk at a group or conference you attend or organise, please email peter@​broken-​links.​com. I have a few requirements and preferences.

Past Events

My full speaking history is on Lanyrd, and you can see (most of) my slides on Speakerdeck.

  • London Web, Mar 2015
  • London Web Components, Mar 2015
  • Breaking Borders, Reading, Feb 2015 — Video
  • Front End London, London, Jan 2015
  • Belfast JS, Dec 2014
  • London Web Standards, Nov 2014
  • Vision, Bristol, Nov 2014
  • From the Front, Bologna, Sep 2014
  • Talk Web Design, London, May 2014
  • Front End London, London, Apr 2014
  • Future of Web Design, London, Apr 2014
  • EDGE, London, Mar 2014 — Video
  • Digital Dumbo, London, Feb 2014
  • Making Web, Oslo, Oct 2013 — Video
  • Leetspeak, Stockholm, Oct 2013
  • Front End London One Day, London, Sep 2013
  • SmartWeb, Bucharest, Sep 2013 — Video
  • CSSConf.eu, Berlin, Sep 2013 — Video
  • London Web Standards, London, Jul 2013 — Video
  • 12 Devs of Summer, London, Jul 2013 — Video
  • CSS Day, Amsterdam, Jun 2013 — Video (+ workshop)
  • Future of Web Design, London, May 2013 (+ workshop)
  • Frontend United, London, Apr 2013 — Video
  • Future of Web Design, Prague, Nov 2012 (+ workshop)
  • Ignite London #7, London, Nov 2012 — Video
  • London Web Standards, London, Oct 2012
  • Canvas, Birmingham, Sep 2012
  • Ignite Ubelly #2, London, Aug 2012 — Video
  • SudWeb, Toulouse, May 2012
  • London Web Standards, London, Mar 2012
  • Metaphwoar!, London, Nov 2011 — Video
  • Front Row, Krakow, Oct 2011 — Video
  • London Web Standards, London, Jun 2011 — Video
  • standards.next, London, May 2011
  • LondonWeb, London, Apr 2011 — Video
  • London JS, London, Apr 2011
  • Ignite London #4, London, Feb 2011 — Video
  • London Web Standards, London, Jan 2011 — Video

Requirements and Preferences

I don’t have a set speaking fee. If your conference is free or not-for-profit, I’ll happily talk for free. If it’s for-profit, I’ll accept your standard fee. My only requirement is that, if outside of London, you pay for my travel and accommodation. I do not require expenses beyond travel, a stipend, or gifts (although, of course, any of those would be welcome).

If I’m speaking for free, I reserve the right to promote one of my books or other work; if paid, I will do so only with your explicit permission. I will always do my best to promote the event in advance, and provide my slides and follow-up materials afterwards.

I prefer to present from my own laptop, and like to edit my slides until the moment of the talk itself, so would ask not to have to submit slides in advance except for general review. I will agree the subject with you well in advance of the event.