Video of some recent talks I’ve given

Warning This article was written over six months ago, and may contain outdated information.

I’ve had a really busy year for public speaking, having had the pleasure of being invited to speak at ten events so far, from local grassroots meetings to professional conferences (with more to come). Not all of the talks are recorded but many are, so below I’ve selected a few videos from the last few months in the vain hope that you may find them interesting.

Future CSS in Web Components

Delivered at in Berlin, this is a look at the new Web Components group of specifications with a particular focus on the changes they will bring to CSS.

Bigger, More Complex, More Violent

From 12 Devs of Summer, this is a less technical look at the importance of user experience to web development.

Evolution: Variation, Adaptation, Extinction

A five‐minute lightning talk I gave at London Web Standards, although here re‐recorded and edited at home.

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