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Warning This article was written over six months ago, and may contain outdated information.

Today is my penultimate day in my current job; next week I’m going on a trip to Spain, and when I get back I’m starting my new job at the award‐winning Preloaded agency. My focus will be shifting away from client‐side development and onto information architecture; it’s a fantastic challenge for me, and I’m very excited about working on top brands for a top agency.

I’ve been slowly introducing IA into my role over the past three years, and so this is a logical step for me to take. I’ll be sad to leave my current agency, but delighted to be moving to somewhere I’ll be able to focus on what I think are the next hot topics on the web: findability & usability.

In a piece of happy serendipity, there’s a big user‐centred design project underway at the moment with the redesign of the Drupal community site and, with it being open software, the whole process is being conducted transparently — which means a great opportunity to study and learn. Leisa Reichelt is leading the discovery and planning stages, and blogging every step; you can read the draft Experience Strategy, how Drupal users were defined, and how to get involved. Definitely worth keeping an eye on.

I won’t be leaving web development behind completely; it’s my passion, I wouldn’t be able to. Especially now that we’re entering into very exciting times with the forthcoming release of IE8; not because of any new features, but because we’ll finally have a completely stable, cross‐browser platform of CSS2.1 to develop on. The IE team are doing a sterling job of releasing information about the new browser; for example, discussing developer tools and browser‐specific CSS prefixes. Let’s hope they don’t fall into the post‐launch silence that happened after the release of IE7.

So, interesting times to come. First, however: a holiday. Back later.

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