@media, CSS 3, and browser news

Warning This article was written over six months ago, and may contain outdated information.

I’ve been at @media Europe 2007 today, watching some top‐notch presentations about the current and future state of the web. I think Dan Cederholm’s Interface Design Juggling was the pick of the bunch, although it was a close‐run thing.

Six hour‐long sessions, interspersed with a couple of work‐related emergencies, then home for dinner and more work, leaves me with little time to go into detail, but I’ll post more over the weekend. Tomorrow looks like being a good day too; I’m particularly looking forward to Håkon Wium Lie’s talk, 1 Web, Acid 2 and CSS 3.

Just time to quickly mention that the latest alpha of Firefox 3 has been released, as has Camino 1.5, which has partly answered my previous question by implementing a lot of useful features.

Meanwhile, there are a couple of lengthy but interesting posts on CSS3.info (part one, part two) explaining the situation and progress of CSS 3, written by one of the invited experts. Worth a read.

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